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Dear Jeff -

I forgot to add that this is the best thing ever!
On Mon, May 19, 2014 at 6:38 PM, Pam wrote:

The ease with which I have had in dealing with KittyWalk and you makes me want to recommend KittyWalk to everybody I know.  
Not only to mention my happy cats.
My Best wishes

Hi Jeff,

My kitties really appreciate having their access to the outdoors too!
As you can see, they even have a cat door to go in and out, which I
love, because I feel I can leave them for several hours and they can
just scoot inside if they feel any threat.

Thanks for your clever and sturdy invention!

I've never written you before.  While I'm asking for help, I will
take this time to thank you so very much for the happiness you've 
brought to my feline friends.  I've become a "kittywalk spokesman"
as I recommend your products to everyone I know - and at times to
complete strangers.  

I appreciate any help you can give,
Thank you,

April 1, 2014
Hey guys & gals
Several years ago I bought a Kitty Walk Cozy Climber, which you shipped to
Australia for me.  It has hung on my kitchen door and been used every day
by my 4 Kitty rescues.  They often launch themselves at their Cozy Climber
from ½ way across the living room!  Micino sleeps in the Penthouse.
Hillary climbs right to the top and jumps across to the sideboard and fridge.
This is just to say the Cozy Climber still looks brand new despite being used
& abused with great feline exuberance.
It’s rare for a product to stand up after so long, but the Cozy Climber has.
My friends think I’m nuts for having such an imposing ½ blocking a
doorway but my Kitties adore it.
Thank you for your top quality Cozy Climber.
Warm regards

April 13, 2013
You hope I like them?  Omg.  We love them!  My cats love going outside whenever weather
r permits.  My husband connected about 5 runs all together, they can run up and down our 
entire deck.  It's big.  I should send you a video I made last year when he finished it.  
He put a toy in one section, it's awesome.  I coached the kitten until she jumped into the
hammock (it's possible I need a life).  Everyone who visits us comments on it. 
We have the most spoiled cats on the planet.

Yes, I do want a couple of things - since the sale is still on.  I will get in gear and place an order.  Thank you!!!
Venetian & Tuxedo

March 4, 2013
Hi Jeff 
Thanks for the teepee & I'd like to commend on such prompt service & you've been really helpful. I'm delighted 
with the purchase. Will probably another unit later in the year :)

Best regards
From my mobile 

February 26, 2013
Hi Jeff,
I received my order yesterday, everything is correct,
the stroller, the carrier and the All Weather Gear kit  are  exactly what I wanted
and the description of this product on your site is accurate.

I will go to many cat shows whit  my Maine Coon on next months  and that it
will be a pleasure to  refer to you people interested in this stroller,

Kitty Up Rakcham Le Rouge already love his new Kittywalk stroller and
will be comfortable for all trips he will do soon,

Best regards,  
thank you once again,

Hi Jeff,
Thank you so much for the Kitty Walk enclosures.  the cats love it.  I joined it on to
 another net enclosure area I had made and now have made two separate areas
 to keep the cats and they can take turns in the Kitty Walk.  Big Bro
 ( sitting in the Tee Pee) hates cats and tries to kill the other two.  Felix and Leila
 are in the Penthouse.  They are all strays that I adopted in Dubai and are very
 friendly except that Big Bro hates the others.  They are Arabian Meows which 
is the local stray breed that has now been made official.  They are really happy
 and want to tell you how much they love Kitty Walk.
Thank you and Best Regards,




Hi Jeff,

Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was purchasing the Town & Country
Cat enclosure from you, online.  
Your communication was always swift and helpful, and I'm sincerely
grateful for your assistance in getting the very best shipping price
to us here, in Western Australia.

As to our 4 month old kitten's reception of the enclosure:  She loves it! 
And you never know, we may even purchase some additional pieces in the future!

Thank you and your team for creating a product that is visually appealing,
light-weight and portable, and most importantly - keeps our kitten safe.
Kind regards,

Hi Jeff- hope you’re doing well. This is a little late, but no less heartfelt to say thanks so much for your great
Kittywalk furniture! Our cats Baboo and Ramses love the Town & Country set! Every morning and evening
they can’t wait to go outside and play, watch for birds, listen for critters or simple relax outside in a safe
environment. With the weather so warm this summer we also let them out for “late night” prowls, 
their favoriteJ.

The best thing, however about owning Kittywalk furniture is how it has helped our entire Murray Pack.
We have two Westie dogs as well, Starbuck and Helen who enjoy the freedom of going in and out of
 the house in the mornings and late afternoons to lounge on our patios. My husband Jim also enjoys
 the doors open in the afternoons and evenings, especially to BBQ and dine outside for dinner.

Thanks to Kittywalk we are all able to enjoy the “best” of our home both indoors and outdoors.
 I can’t express to you what a huge, positive difference this has made to the overall happiness
s and contentment of Baboo and Ramses and for all of us here in Murrayville.

Again many thanks for a wonderful product. I hope to buy more furniture pieces in the
 near future. Wishing you much continued success in 2012!

Best regards,

June 1, 2012
Hi Jeff,
I just wanted to let you know that we received the Kittywalk enclosure last Friday and it has 
been used extensively since. Our cat loves it...definitely a worthwhile purchase.
Thanks again,

I bought the outdoor pet enclosure about 4 years ago and love it. I love it as much as our kitty does, because it keeps her safe on the balcony. It is easy to assemble and the quality is excellent. For winter it is stored in the enclosure that came with it, overall I would give it five stars. PS: I place a soft pad under the netting, for her to sit on, it can stay even if it rains.
- Ellie

Hi Jeff – had to let you know my kittywalk deck & patio arrived today – I am so excited! My 5-year-old son put it up for me. Too easy.I can't believe this isn't available at an outlet here in Oz. If you EVER want to expand in Australia – please let me know. I will be telling all my feline loving friends.The product is so simple but extremely effective.Thank you. Now I just have to get a cat! .
- Cheers Marianne Melbourne Australia

Wheels arrived. thanks for working with me and the great service. As I said, if you ever need testimonials. Again, thank you from me and my dog.
- Doug

Dear Lisa and Jeff, Just wanted to let you know how much we love our strollers. We bought the original SUV stroller first and our four furry kids (Carolina-Yorkie, Lucy-Lu-Yorkie, Honey-Pomeranian, and Maddie too too Cute-pomeranian) all fit nicely in the SUV. A year later we purchased the pink 5th Ave. SUV when it was on sale since all our babies are girls. We take them to craft shows, antique shows, parks etc. and everywhere we go we are stopped repeatedly and ask where we got the stroller. People just ooh and aah so much it takes us much longer to see what we came to see, but the dogs love all the attention! We always tell them to go online to Kittywalk .com. We laugh and say we wish we were getting paid to advertise. We love the fact that the stroller keeps our little ones from getting stepped on or eating whatever they might find on the ground. We did have a Blazer but recently traded for a car but we made sure first that we could get the stroller in the trunk! Just wanted to thank you for a great product and let you know how much we love our strollers. .
- MaryAnn & Tommy

Received our Kittywalk Tunnel and am really pleased with the quality of the product and delivery as well. The quality of the tunnel is excellent and delivery "way up here" was great. Our 2 cats love it and I'm looking forward to purchasing an additional unit next spring. Thank you so much for providing a super "toy" and/or "sunroom" for our pets.
- Diane

LOL. Best $700 I ever spent…just ask any one of my cats.
- Elaine M

I just wanted to let you know that I just received my Kittywalk System, Lawn Version. I love it, love it, love it. I'm so happy it took no time in setting it up so I could put my cat outside in it. Needless to say, she is enjoying the full view she has while inside the Kittywalk System. I also appreciate the awesome carrying case which I wasn't expecting. I excited to show this system off to all my friends and relatives.Thanks so much.
- Norma Narragansett, RI.

We want to thank you so very much for all your efforts on our behalf. Our order was just delivered and our kitties thank you very much also. It's nice to come across a business that actually takes care of it's customers wants and needs, rest assured we will be customers for many years to come I'm sure.
- Thanks again, Colin, Julie, Clio and Obsidian.

I purchased a Kittywalk Stroller for my 9 lb. Pomeranian dog with a heart condition. I should be an agent for your company as so many people have inquired about where to purchase this one-of-a-kind item. Thank you.
- Betty F., Tacoma, WA

...The kitties, Pharaoh & Sheba two Egyptian Maus have insisted on their daily stroll. They ride together, people come out of their houses to comment, cars stop, and people have even asked if they could take pictures. My husband said this is the greatest “chick-magnet” he has ever seen!.. Thank you we love the product and it is a big adventure for our indoor only cats.
- Jackie

I recently purchased your “Kitty Walk Stroller SUV” for our two little Brussels Griffons, from a local dealer. They love to go with us to the flea markets on the weekends. This was the best purchase we could have ever made for them ! We don’t have to worry about them getting stepped on, and they don’t have to contend with walking on hot pavements…not to mention our relief, by not having to carry them when they get tired out! A conventional “baby stroller” just wouldn’t have worked out…they could jump out and have gotten hurt! What a great invention with the SUV stroller! Keep up the good work , and God bless you !
- Mike and Brent, Florida

Just wanted to let you know that we are absolutely delighted with the KittyWalk! It’s beautifully put together, does what it’s supposed to do and is of excellent quality! Where can you get that these days? We are very much looking forward to receiving the Kabana. Thanks for your excellent service too.
- Maria

I recently purchased a Kittywalk and my cat Donut loves it! I thought you may like to see a few pictures of him in it.
- Elizabeth

I got the Kittywalk and Kabana last night. They were brought by Japan mail service. BeBe and I are very happy now. He loves to use them in the garden. They look very strong and better than my expectation. I like it and... Thank you.
- Ms.Michiyo Y., Nagasaki University
School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan

Hello Mr. King,
Just thought I'd pass along some photos of my first deployment of the KittyWalk.  I live in a high-rise in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota - my cats love to take a few steps outdoors!  

I just had to tell you my cat Rocky is the talk of the neighborhood. He is half maincoone and had a year of enjoying roaming our townhome village neighborhood. I had a problem with a neighbor and was forced to make adjustments. So I purchased this system, along with taking him on a leash and harness which he adjusted to very well. I also got him a little kitty friend who he loves. Both enjoy the kitttywalk!! And the neighbors who drive (it’s a 15 mph zone) slow down to look and those out walking by just think it’s neat, and so do my husband and I and the cats!! Greeaatt invention! We may add on to it someday. Sincerely,
-Maggie Johnson

Kittwalk is keeping my cat alive. Two summers ago a Prairie Falcon (42" wing span) flew past me and my husband and attempted to carry off my cat for lunch. Fortunately I was able to save her by screaming. Ever since then my cat, who is my "baby" has been placed in your kittywalk when outdoors. I have it attached to her "cage" and "house" underneath a tree in the backyard and now she is very safe and is able to be outdoors again. Thank you so much for a great product! I am attaching two pictures for you.
-Carol Fox

My cats absolutely LOVE their Kittywalk, and it seems to have taken over our deck.  Many of my neighbors have asked about our Kittywalk enclosure and I have directed them to your website. Here is a couple of photos of our cats enjoying their Kittywalk. Sincerely,
-Mishell Szczepankiuk

About 18 months ago we purchased the Pet SUV at the RV show in Quartzsite, Arizona. We have and old cocker spaniel who weighs about 29 pounds and a mini-dashshund who weighs 9 1/1 pounds. We love it! Everywhere we go, we are asked where we got it and how someone can get one. We always give people your website so they can order one. We live in our motor home and travel a lot. We use the carrier part to transport the animals into the motor home when we travel, as it is safer than letting them roam the motor home while it is in motion. We also use the carrier in the car when out and about in the car for the same reason. It is safer. I put the seat belts around and through the top handle. It works perfectly. I would love to sell these for you. They are awesome.... Thanks for a great product.
-Sally and Steve Mattock

I am very satisfied with my purchase and actually I have a male and female bichon who both ride in that stroller together. Last fall we had a dilemma as to what to do with our babies while we went to an amusement park; when I purchased that stroller my husband laughed and said it would never work. Well, he was pleasantly surprised that my babies loved it and we spent a full day at the park and received so many compliments about how well we take care of those babies. We have also been allowed into places that we have traveled to, that did not allow pets, but since they were confined to their stroller they were allowed in.

People ask me where I purchased my stroller and I bet that one day in the park I could have sold a dozen of them.
-June M. Duffee, Mount Wolf, PA

Hi there,
I am so happy I found your Kittywalk systems! If you ever need a positive recommendation, I would be happy to give one! I am quite satisfied with it! Thanks again!
- Kathleen Crowley, Green Bay, WI

I just had to write to you. It has been over a year now since I bought the stroller. I don’t know how I would have survived if I hadn’t. I have a very active miniature poodle thah had IVDD surgery April 3, 2005, You probably know that the key to success with these small dogs is that they must have total crate rest for 6 to 8 weeks. When Rhett came home from the doggie hospital, he was so depressed. Being able to wheel him from room to room while I did my daily chores really improved his outlook. When he began walking again, he wanted out so I would take a walk with him in his stroller for several blocks and back. It kept him content for the rest of the day. When I had to take him to the vet, the stroller was the perfect answer. The cage is lightweight and fits perfectly over the front seat of my Odyssey van. It even has a sturdy metal loop on the crate top to seat belt the cage in. I am also thankful for the sturdy, easily cleaned pad and the thick furry covering. Rett was totally incontinent even after his surgery for at least a month. You can’t imagine how many washings both have gone through even with using the underpads. The pad and covering are still in excellent condition and have no lingering odor! After the 8 weeks of crate rest, I left the whole stroller in the living room with the cage door open and the tip resting on the floor, then covered the door with a thick dog mat. It was the perfect setup - Rhett could come and go in the crate as he pleased. Sometimes my 2 toy poodles would rest in the crate! I still use it. The crate normally resides on my double bed. One or more of my dogs are often found sleeping in at night. Sometimes I will lock Rhett in it if I feel there is a chance of him trying to jump off the bed, a no no for an IVDD dog. Rhett doesn’t mind. I hope this makes your day. This stroller sure has made many of Rhett and my days.
-Mary Anne Fitch, A pleased Kitty Walk 5th Avenue stroller owner

I have six cats. Several we got from the Humane Society. We do not let any of them outside but especially those whose “toes” were removed by their previous owners. One of our cats, Pretzel, while happy inside with us, many times just sits and cries to go outside. Obviously, he was an outdoor cat before we got him. Now for the good news. As you can see from the pictures, he is happy again and we thank you. I am so glad that I stumbled upon your site, Many folks at work have seen the pictures and will be buying from you also.
Thanks again
-Judi Palmer

Your Fifth Avenue SUV pet stroller is the only one I’ve found that’s long enough for my handicapped dog. He loves being around people and this will allow him to be out and about while remaining safe and comfortable. Thanks for creating such a great product and for providing such wonderful, easy to follow assembly instructions. -Pam Garland, Federal Way, WA

I bought the stroller for Muffie, my toy poodle who does not much care for walking when it gets too hot here inTexas! He is also not fond of walking after dark. In both instances, Muffie wanted me to carry him. I was having problems breathing last year after a long case of pneumonia, and carrying Muffie on our walks was really too much for me. That’s when I started looking for a stroller. I bought a Fifth Avenue Pet Stroller and it has been such a lifesaver for me, and Muffie loves it! He finally feels that he’s being treated appropriately by being allowed to ride while my two other pups walk! Not only did Muffie’s SUV work well for us, but it’s great when Mom comes to visit, too. She pushes Muffie in his stroller and it provides support she needs for the walk, too. I’ll attach a couple of pictures of Mom and the pups if you’d like to pass them on to the person who invented this great stroller.
The things I especially like about the stroller are:
1) The big wheels that make it easy to push and go over bumps in the sidewalk
2) The roomy and comfy inside that keeps Muffie happy
3) The cupholders are a nice addition for my water bottle and keys
4) The stroller is actually big enough for Muffie’s brother, Pumpkin to ride along if he wants
Thanks Again,
-Linda Easton, Katy, Texas

5/2/06 Dear Mrs. King, My name is Misu, I am about three or three and a half years old. I am (according to my parents) the most beautiful calico cat in the world and the sweetest and smartest also. I enjoy the outdoors very much but I am an indoor kitty. My parents take me out to the country every weekend, we have a little cottage by a lake. I go for walks on a leash with my parents, never by myself. I also have a small crate that my parents installed on the railing of the deck close to the bird feeders and I spend lots of time there enjoying the view. Just last week my mommy bought me your wonderful Kitty Walk and Penthouse. I never thought that I could be even happier than I already was, but I am really much, much happier!!! I just wanted to congratulate you on your wonderful invention!!! and to thank you for thinking of us kitty cats. My parents are also very happy because they know that I am safe and comfortable in my enclosure. They are always around to make sure that I am okay, but they no longer have to worry that I will get out of my leash and go to fight my feline neighbor or, even worse, get lost.
Best regards and much feline love to you, oxoxoxox,
-Minina-Misu Lopez-Carrion

Here are some fun pictures of the Kittywalk Lawn version
-Alvina Hartford, Gordon’s Electronics & Swim Store

Ms. King,
My name is Colleen and my feline’s name is Jessy. Jessy came to live with me two years ago when her owner moved to Florida. Jessy was close to being ferrrell. After a few months in my home she was sitting on my lap while I was working on the computer, what a little love, time and patience can
do. Because Jessy had been an outdoor cat she has developed FIV.
The vet told me she would be fine if I kept her indoor. Jessy loved the outdoors, I knew she missed being able to run free and her last owner told me she had a boyfriend. Guilt was building up. I decided last January to adopt a puppy for Jessy. So, the family grew and Natasha is her name. Jess and Tash get along well but I found that Jessy was sitting in the window when I took Natasha for a walk, This is where you come in. I purchased the stroller by Kittywalk. Jessy took to it right away, as a matter of fact she climbs in it to just hang out. My friend thought I was crazy but my neighbors have come out to talk to us as we pass by. Jessy sits up front like a prom queen sits up on the back end of a cadillac waving at fans, if she could only wave her paw. I want to thank you for the design
and I have enclosed a few pictures. Recently I purchased the Town & Country edition for her leisurely days in the sun, she is still getting adjusted to it. Recently we added another addition the furry family, his name is Yogi. Yogi is a 3 month old puppy who is a beau for Natasha. He too likes the stroller, he chose to jump in and sit down, Jessy was quick to let him know it was her’s. Thanks for the invention,
-Colleen Kane

I love the Kittywalk Kabana! My cats are so happy and content. It’s like a mini-vacation all rolled into one. They love it when we take them to the beach and they can safely watch the ocean.
-Jennifer Koengetter, Medford, NJ

I purchased the Kittywalk and the Penthouse for my two 8-year-old cats that have never been outdoors. They LOVE it! They took to it right away. My children love to watch them in it, too. When we go outside to play in the backyard, the cats come with us!
-Suzanne Calloway, Santa Rosa CA

My cat, Thomasina, loves to be outside but my condo neighborhood isn’t safe to let her roam. I just received my Kittywalk and set it up on my covered patio. Thomasina was THRILLED with her new “cat porch”. Because of the netting, the various birds came within a few feet of her and she spent all Sunday afternoon watching them.
-Anne Marlotte, Bedminister, NJ

I bought two of the Kittywalks for the Shaker Animal Friendship Endeavor, Inc., which is an organization that supports our local animal shelter. We take the cats to local businesses and community events in order to promote adoptions. Prior to purchasing the Kittywalks, we took metal cages which were bulky, heavy and unattractive. We now use the Kittywalks at all our shows. They are compact, light, and the cats are much more comfortable and attractive in them. In addition, we can put up to six cats and kittens in each Kittywalk which demonstrates to adopters that they all get along well together.
-Nancy Cross, Pepper Pike, OH

The Kittywalk is the best product I have ever bought for my cat! Nutmeg always snuck out the door and we were afraid that he would get hurt since we live near a busy road. We tried everything to let him go outside safely. This was the product that saved my screens from being shredded and made my cat happy and active again! Every morning when I put the dogs out, the cat goes in the Kittywalk and I sit and watch the birds with him.
-Megan Henry, Oswego, NY

Thank you for a terrific product line! My Kittywalk arrived today and my cats were delighted. It was very easy to set up and the materials were top grade making the Kittywalk secure. I can’t wait to add to the system. The one Kittywalk houses three cats comfortably.
Sybil Williams, Detroit, MI

I just received my new Kittywalk Stroller and love it! I’m a city dweller, and usually walk the 10-15 minutes to the veterinarian. Carring my 19 lb. cat can be quite a chore but not with my new stroller!
Thank You!
-L. Ackman, Chicago, IL

Thank you SOOOOOO much! I can't wait to get more of your products - they are so fabulous! I have already shown the stroller to several people and had so many compliments.
Thank you again!

Hi Jeff,
Thank you again for helping me with "spare parts" for my stroller. Dante & I look forward to many outings this spring and summer. Per our conversation, I have attached the picture that I sent in my letter. I would be very pleased if you would include Dante in your website. He loves his stoller so much. Besides going for walks, I leave the carrier up all the time. He uses it as a quiet place to sleep and relax. He even brings his toys in there with him.
Thanks again.
-Susan Santone

Dear Ms. King,
I purchased the Kittywalk Cozy Climber for my cats. The one I thought may not be able to use it (he has cerebellar hypoplasia...a neurological condition) seems now to own it. It's great to see him using his body and muscles going up and down. I did start with catnip as a prompt on each floor. Now he is using the 3rd floor to jump onto the table in order to look out the window. He can't jump up. We just wanted to say we all (8 cats and myself) enjoy the cozy climber and think it is a great invention.
Yours truly,
-Donna Kram,
Lincoln Park, Michigan

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