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Cat walking with Mo Rocca by the CBS News April 10, 2011 (7:15 into video)

‘Catios’ Bring Cats Outdoors New York Times June 16, 2010

San Diego Union Tribune April 26, 2005
    "Doggone it, cats like to go for walks, too" By Alex Roth, STAFF WRITER
    It was 1 p.m. on Friday, time for Brenda Haines of Tierrasanta to take her two cats on a walk around the neighborhood in a device that looks like a baby carriage

    Brenda Haines says her cats Bella (left) and Cooper (in her arms) are "very spoiled." She uses the special stroller to take them around her Tierrasanta neighborhood. She does this almost every day, wheeling her cats from block to block in a stroller with a net over the top. Sometimes people walk up to the stroller expecting to see a baby inside. Sometimes teenagers in passing cars point at the stroller and laugh. Mostly, though, her neighbors are very polite. There seems to be a general understanding in Tierrasanta that a person's relationship with her pets is her own business.
    " They are very spoiled cats," Haines admitted.
People in San Diego County do some very odd things with their pets. A guy in North Park takes his iguana to Little League baseball games. A woman in Oceanside puts a harness and leash on her guinea pig and walks the animal on her front lawn. A Domino's Pizza employee carries his pet cockatoo on his shoulder while delivering pizzas in Carlsbad.
    To tag along with Haines and her cats is to witness an act of physical and spiritual liberation. The cats are liberated from the house. The owner is liberated from the natural human impulse to avoid being known around the neighborhood as the lady who walks her cats in a baby carriage.
    " I don't have to worry about making them neurotic," the 54-year-old holistic health practitioner said. Cats don't appear to have the capacity for embarrassment, she said.
    She pushed the stroller out her front door and toward the end of her cul-de-sac on Pabellon Circle. On this particular day, the two cats, both Burmese, seemed only mildly interested in the outside world. Sometimes cats can be hard to read.
    She wheeled the stroller up a neighbor's driveway to show the cats a bird sitting in a palm tree. "Look at the birdie!" she said. One of the cats tapped at the net with his paw.
    The mailman drove by. He waved at Haines, then he waved at her cats. The mailman, Tom Hitchcock, also is a cat owner. He once toyed with the idea of putting his cat in a cage and wheeling it around the neighborhood on a wagon. He decided against it, figuring the cat might get wigged out.
    Haines wheeled the stroller up and down Vivaracho Way. The day was bright and sunny. No lizards were in sight. Her cats "go wild over lizards," she said. She returned to her house and let the cats out when she got inside. One of the cats wandered off to play with a rag toy.
    Haines bought the stroller a few months ago for $114 after reading about it on the Internet. The device is manufactured specifically for cats. Haines doesn't know anybody else who has one.
    She said her three grown children don't give much thought to what she does with her cats.
    " Some of the people they date maybe do," she said.
    Not too long ago, Haines wrote her friend an e-mail in which she explained that she was about to take her cats on a walk in her new cat stroller.
    " The what?" her friend wrote back.

ABC news program Good Morning America© 2004
    Veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker said, "...Another product for cats or small dogs: the Pet Stroller, which allows cat owners to get their felines out and about without the risk of them running off. The stroller includes a carrier that separates from the stroller, so it can also be used as a plastic carrier. It is good for smaller dogs in the summer, too, because hot pavement is not good for their claws." Price: $129.95
    Indoor cats live 2 1/2 times longer than outdoor cats, but a new "kittywalk©" that allows indoor cats to get a taste of the outdoors in an enclosed area. "He can feel the sunlight and grass on his feet, while being safe," Becker said. The Kittywalk® expands to 10 feet long, but you can put more and more sections together to give him even more space. It costs $99.95."

NEW YORK SUN January 10, 2004
    "Pet Transporters Catch on Among Urban Set" By ERIC WOLFF
    The idea of a pet stroller invokes images of aged, fur-clad ladies pushing their spoiled shiatsus in Victorian prams, but that’s hardly fair to Lise King’s eminently practical invention.
    Able to haul animals weighing up to 50 pounds, Ms. King’s pet strollers are designed for owners of mid-size dogs — or enormous cats — and are more likely to be used by the straphanger set.
    “ It’s a wonderful vehicle for people who live in cities, where they have to take their cats to the vet in those heavy, awkward carriers,” said Ms. King, adding that the strollers are useful for transporting pets that are old or injured.
    The canvas-and-mesh kennels are mounted on a steel frame with wheels, and pass the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s rules requiring pets to be “carried in kennels or similar containers.” The kennel is removable for off-road carrying.

CBS Early Show December 10, 2003
    Kittywalk© Pet Stroller: Great for city dwellers with elderly pets or ones that have arthritis or hip dysplasia. Collapsible, and can take anywhere. $129.95-189.95

Martha Stewart Living©
Marc Marrone segment
    Marc Marrone reviews the Kittywalk© Lawn version and shows us not only why it's good for your cat, but for your neighborhood wildlife as well.

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